Hier die ersten Bilder wo die Süd Afrikaner gegen die Bankster aufstehen.
Im unteren Link die verschiedenen Briefe and die Bankster und Anklagen.


The Ubuntu Party’s „March Against the Banksters“ was a success as you can read here: http://beforeitsnews.com/banksters/2013/07/march-against-the-banks-a-success-in-johannesburg-2433244.html.

Here are the photos – some very clever signs and banners…


First stop: FNB.


Economic Cannibalism (AKA Securitisation): exposed.


One of South Africa’s oldest and largest lawfirms, Norton Rose, refused to receive the Memorandum from the Ubuntu Party… so the crowd attached it to the gate like a „summons.“ ABSA refused as well. The other banks accepted it graciously, except for the Reserve Bank which required some… convincing. You can read the Memorandums here http://downloads.newera.org.za/March/.


Yes, you created your own „loan“ by instructing your bank to create brand new money out of thin air. So many people refuse to believe or buy into this concept: THERE IS NO REAL LOAN IN A BANK LOAN!






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