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Ein Herr Tellinger in Süd Afrika hat eine Gerichtssache gegen die Standard Bank, die Süd Afrikanische Reserve Bank und den Finanzminister gemacht.

Die Sache war jetzt schon Drei (3) mal vor dem Obergericht, und wurde jedesmal rausgeworfen.

Der Richter hat sich immer wieder mit den Banken zusammengetan.

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Eine Gruppe in Kapstadt (Süd Afrika) hat vor einiger Zeit ,,Die Neue Allianz für Ekonomische Rechte’’  (The New Economic Rights Alliance) gegründet.

Hier wird nicht mit Geld verhandelt, sondern Tauschhandel getrieben.

Genauso wie unser lieber Adolf Hitler es getan hat.

Auf diese Art brauchen wir die Banken nicht mehr.

Die ,,Die Neue Allianz für Ekonomische Rechte’’  ist noch jung, aber wächst sehr schnell.

Hier der Link http://www.ces.org.za und unten das Orginal in Englisch.


„Banks are Greedy Monsters“ says our very own finance minister, Pravin Ghordan [source].
The recent LIBOR fiasco has been hailed as the biggest banking scandal in history. All major UK banks, including the Bank of England have been implicated and so has the British government. London is the cornerstone of the world banking system, which relies on public confidenceto keep it afloat. Never has confidence in banking been so low.Barclays was the first bank to be implicated. It was so bad, that its Chairman Bob Diamond resigned immediately. Barclays is the majority shareholder in ABSA, which itself has been going through a rough patch. In fact, its CEO Maria Ramos has just been rated one of the least trusted business leaders of the year [source].If you are new to the LIBOR scandal, then here are some excellent articles:

  1. http://www.alternet.org/economy/156201/libor%3A_the_wall_street_scandal_of_all_scandals
  2. http://www.nst.com.my/opinion/columnist/libor-s-dirty-laundry-1.104125http://www.fin24.com/Companies/Financial-Services/Barclays-scandal-rattles-global-finance-20120709
  3. http://www.fin24.com/Companies/Financial-Services/Barclays-scandal-rattles-global-finance-20120709

With our monetary system on the rails, is it time to look at the possibility of an alternative currency?
The Community Exchange System, http://www.ces.org.za/, is a South African internet service that is spreading across the world. Run by a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, CES uses talents instead of rands. Everyone who joins can spend 500 talents, which means you can make use of the system (albeit in a limited way) before you need to directly contribute. CES already has 5,000 South African members and growing.
Our money system is debt based. This means that, in order for it to be created, all money in circulation had to have first been borrowed by someone. In other words, banks create new money when they provide so called „loans.“ While banks create brand new money by extending credit, they do not create the additional money needed to pay the interest on those loans. This places entire economies (and the people) in a position whereby they could never, ever repay their debt to the banks.

For a wonderful explanation of how this works, we encourage you to watch „The Dark Secrets of Money (and what we can do about it)“, a seminar given by our Chairman. The seminar received a whopping 5,000 downloads in just 72 hours.

Please click here to download and watch it. Interestingly, Scott offered to take both talents and rands at his seminar, which proved to be a phenomenal success.